Q’s. Does Scaling/Cleaning of teeth cause damage or weakens the tooth?

Ans.  Scaling is a safe and routine procedure and does not damage the tooth surface in any way. Scaling is done to remove deposits i.e Plaque, Calculus/Tartar or stains from the tooth surface. Such deposits if not removed may lead to gingivitis(Bleeding gums), Bad breath, Periodontitis(Pyrrohea), Gum Inflammation/swelling, tooth mobility, tooth migration and eventually tooth loss. So scaling and polishing should be done regularly only by a professional.

Q’s. I got scaling done 1 yr back but now deposits are back on my teeth. Should I get them cleaned again?

Ans. Yes absolutely. Plaque formation is a continuous process. If this plaque is not removed by brushing it starts mineralizing into Calculus/tartar within 10-14 hours. Such persons may require periodic scaling, every 6 months to 1year. So the golden rule is to get a routine dental check up every 6 months. Your dentist will be able to advise you whether you need scaling or not. He will also advise you on the correct brushing technique for healthy teeth. It must be emphasized again that scaling of teeth does not weaken them but prevents gum diseases like bleeding gums, bad breath, tooth mobility and if not checked leading to more serious and extensive gum problems.

Dr. (MAJ) Akhil Mittal | Multi Speciality Dental Clinic

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